Folding Painting: "Storigami": Folds into a book jacket

This is one of the pieces in my Folding Art Series. One of my co-workers suggested the title: "Storigami". It's brilliant! I'm going to use it.

This piece is an 18"x18" double-sided acrylic painting on six 6"x9" panels that fold up into a book jacket type enclosure fastened with a small leather belt and buckle (an old watchband). The painting was done using the same technique as the large stenciled spray painted panels I did earlier this year ("Composition Paintings" 2010), only on a much smaller scale.

Below is side A of the painting in its unfolded state:

Below is a detail photo of portion of side A

Below is side B of the painting in its unfolded state.

Below is a detail photo of a portion of side B.

The photos below show how the panels fold, and some of the many possible positions in which one might display this piece. It could be used as a centerpiece on a table: laid out flat, it could serve as base for bouquet in a vase, or folded like a tent, or standing like a screen.