Martin Scherer

Work History



Front page full color article in the "Towns" section of Santa Rosa Press Democrat newspaper interview and profile of me and Tesserak Restoration Studio. My business increase three-fold after this article.

The Hopi double neck vase that was featured in this article was the first restoration video on the Tesserak Studio YouTube channel I started in 2010.

Started Tesserak Restoration Studio when Venerable Classics closed due to the owner's retirementl. I bought out V.C.'s equipment and supplies and opened my own shop. I found that I love this type of work and wanted to continue to do it. We aim for the same high quality standards for which Venerable Classics was famous.
Produced "A Sainted Devil" the double disc posthumous retrospective CD of Robert Kovich's recordings. From recorded material from 1976 to 1987. Rob was one of my best friends and a fellow musician. Some of the music we wrote together is included on this set. I produced the project, did all the audio clean-up and also designed the CD packaging.
Restoration and Conservation technician on a contract basis at Venerable Classics, repairing porcelain, clay, stone, marble, ivory, glass, and other materials. Repair of Lladro, Hummel, Bacarat, Boehm, Meisen and other fine porcelain and glassware. Many of our jade, ivory and porcelain pieces originate in Asia. I do structural repairs, rebuilding the piece. I create missing pieces not provided by client. I redecorate damage-repaired areas to match the original. Some of our clients include; Sotheby's, the Smithsonian Institute and Gumps and the Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco. Skills required: creative problem solving, patience, the hands of a surgeon, excellent artistic skills, excellent color-matching and paint mixing, mold-making, sculpting, airbrush.
Manager Creative Department: Designer and Graphics Wrangler at MVP SportsPix Inc, a high quality youth sports photography company. Created in-house graphic designs, order forms, plus production designs and templates. Train production artists. Prep for 4 color offset printing. Prep files for high quality photo printing. Excellent PhotoShop skills. Photo retouching, color correction. Built and maintained company web site. Manage workflow of production department.
Freelance Designer Web design, graphics and animation at Tesserak.net Creative Services. Site design and make-over. Interface design. Print design and layout.
Graphics Manager at KABA Audio Productions. Produced CD, cassette and DVD package designs. Design and lay out. High volume, quick turn-around. Service bureau and four-color print experience. KABA uses Macintosh computers.

Creative Director at RML Records. Designed and created promotional material, record packaging, T-shirts and other merchandising.

Artist/Designer and Producer/Recording Engineer at Guestserve Networks Inc., a subsidiary of SeaChange Int'l., an interactive TV developer. Designed and created interactive TV system UI and screen design. Also produced recorded voice-overs and music for interactive audio content.

Western Imaging Inc (new owners of LUMENA.): Lumena Tech Support and QA dept. Took small part in R&D.

Paintings and sculptures exhibited at the California Museum of Art, (now known as the SOMA, Sonoma Museum of Art), Santa Rosa, Ca.

Self-published "Way Out West" 'zine for three years. Wrote content, did design, layout and all artwork.

TimeArts Inc., creators of Lumena, high-end graphics and animation software: QA and Tech Support Dept.

TimeArts Inc.: Animation Director: Wrote and directed in-house industrial animation for the TimeArts Inc. software company using their software package 'LUMENA', for entry in SIGRAF.

Started my own multi-media studio, "Tesserak" as a music recording/art and design/literary publishing experiment. Wrote and recorded 3 records of my music. Wrote and edited Way Out West magazine. Created fine art paintings and sculpture. Produced commercial graphics.


I have more than 40 years experience as a fine-artist. My skills include but are not limited to: painting in oils, acrylics and water colors. Pencil and pen drawing. Adept with an airbrush. Sculpture in wood, metal, plaster, found-objects. Furthermore, I can work comfortably in a number of styles in each medium.
I have over 40 years experience as a cartoonist. Panel cartoons and traditional (hand-drawn) character animation. Also self-published comic strips and comic books.
My experience includes more than 40 years experience as commercial artist and graphic designer. Knowledge of lay out, design, typography and commercial printer issues.
35 years as computer artist and designer. Graphic art and desk top publishing. I've brought my experience in traditional publishing, design and art with me into the digital world.
Web Designer and Interactive Multimedia: I have been developing web sites and other interactive media for the last 20 years.
I also have over 40 years in the music business in front of and behind the recording console. I've written, produced and recorded 16 albums of my music. I've also produced and recorded demos for dozens of bands. I play guitar and bass and a little keyboard and percussion.

Software Skills

My experience is mainly with PCs, though I have plenty of experience with Macs, and a little with SGI. Software that I use in a professional capacity are in the areas of Art and Design, Music Production Interactive Multimedia and Desk Top Publishing,.

Programs with which I consider myself a power-user are: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Freehand, PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker, CorelDraw, RIO, Lumena, Carrara, Poser, MS Word, Sound Forge. I have strong HTML skills.

Applications with which I am not an expert but I am adept at using are: Director, Quark, InDesign, Painter, ProTools, GoLive, Premier. Visio, and Powerpoint.

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