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Way Out West is the literary department of Tesserak Studios. Bookmark this page if you like what you see. Feedback through e-mail is most welcome. I am interested in 'link-sharing' with other artists.

The Lügner Codex: The bizarre collection of drawings and accompanying notes by the mysterious Fritz Lugner.

Venus & Mars: a surreal fiction about a man, a woman, fate, altered states, time travel, aliens, subatomic physics, indian spirits, fast cars, dreams, interdimensional shifts, a gold mine and . . . ?

Short stories: A section where you can read some of my not-so-long stories.

WordPlay: The section where I put things that are hard to classify. There are some unusual and interesting things in here.

Cartoons: Cartoons which were published in the hard copy of Way Out West. The images contained in this section are excerpts from those comic pages.

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