Venus & Mars is a surreal story about a star-crossed couple who only meet twice. Follow the strange circumstances and the curious characters they encounter in this multi-dimensional tale.
Venus & Mars is more like a comic book than a novel. I began the series with the idea in mind that it would be an open-ended serial that could go on indefinitely. Also, since each chapter was to be published on a monthly basis, they end with a teaser or a cliff-hanger to make the reader salivate for the next chapter. The retirement of Way Out West meant I had to come up with an ending for my open-ended tale.

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Venus & Mars Chapter 1: The Venus & Mars tale begins. Things begin to go wrong immediately.
Venus & Mars Chapter 2: Venus and Mars' lives are about to change forever.
Venus & Mars Chapter 3: Luck runs out for a couple of cops investigating a disturbance.
Venus & Mars Chapter 4: Near-naked cop-killers trek through suburbia.
Venus & Mars Chapter 5: Venus and Mars hit the road in different directions.
Venus & Mars Chapter 6: You take the high road and I'll take the low road.
Venus & Mars Chapter 7: Mars meets scholars and Venus gets introspective.
Venus & Mars Chapter 8: Venus has a mad poetic dream and Mars gets a physics lesson.
Venus & Mars Chapter 9: Venus visited by aliens, and Mars in the interior with the scholars.
Venus & Mars Chapter 10: Venus drives for her life, and Mars finds a ghost town.
Venus & Mars Chapter 11: Venus and Mars meet in a dream in a town out of time.
Venus & Mars Chapter 12: Mars and companions explor the ghost town and Venus meets Wohaka.
Venus & Mars Chapter 13: Venus and Wohaka in the desert. Mars is visited by men in black suits.
Venus & Mars Chapter 14: Venus and Wohaka after the chopper crash. Mars in the woods.
Venus & Mars Chapter 15: Venus schemes to lose Wohaka.
Venus & Mars Chapter 16: Venus & Mars discover the same mine, seperately.
Venus & Mars Chapter 17: Venus & Mars meet in the mine and again in their dreams.
Venus & Mars Chapter 18: Venus & Mars discover gold, and experience the passing of 'Buck'.
Venus & Mars Chapter 19: Venus buys an RV and Mars goes back to his cave.
Venus & Mars Chapter 20: Venus meets 'Mona' and Mars meets 'Hendrix'.
Venus & Mars Chapter 21: The 'Venus & Mars' experience explained - or is it?.

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