Fritz Lügner

All we know of Fritz Lügner is what we've been able to glean from the translation, from German, of his notes in the codex. We know that his career as a lab assistant spanned a period of nearly 30 years. He never mentions anything regarding his family or friends. His life, it seems revolved around his work for the scientists he was involved with. His relationship with the doctors is for the most part a professional one and though his relationship with some of the doctors was friendly, they were not his friends.
Lügner, who's duties were many and varied, assisted the scientists in their experiments, cleaned up after them, made 'special' procurements, as well as feeding and caring for the unfortunate creatures created by the mad scientists. Later he was responsible for disposing of 'evidence'. The faithful lab assistant was also instrumental from time to time in helping find a new home for the nomadic hospital of horror. For his loyalty he was rewarded with an occasional brain upgrade. A scar from one of these is evident in the self portrait at right.
Lucky for us, the man could draw. It's a wonder he even had time to draw.

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