"Fritz Lügner", etched on the nameplate near the lock of an old metal box found in the rubble of a building damaged by a terrorist bomb in Northern Czechoslovakia in 1984. No one named Lügner was known to have lived in the building damaged in the blast. When the box was open the mystery took a quantum leap, it's examiners baffled, horrified and even amused. The box's contents suggest it's owner, a German introvert named Fritz Lügner, who's profession as a medical lab assistant brought him into the employment of some of the most bizarre medical scientists of the 20th century. Lügner documents his association with a half dozen of these mad doctors in the hundreds of handwritten notes and original pen drawings contained in that box which came to be known as "The Lügner Codex.
The validity of the Lügner codex has been hotly debated since it's discovery. Some believe these papers provide concrete evidence of the things depicted in them. Others dismiss that notion, claiming the codex is nothing more than the doodlings of a lunatic with an overactive imagination.
The following pages contain excerpts from the drawings in Lügner codex.

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