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This is the most playful section of Way Out West. This section contains some really interesting reading. Some of it is difficult to read, engaging the reader on alternate cognitive levels. May contain adult content.

The Platitudes of Attitude The Power of Babble Creature Comforts Geography Lesson Politics as Usual
Reason for Living (#1) The Roving I Connie, Rudy & Rita Sin Nickel The Hole
Vidiot Syndrome What is this stuff? Night of the Living Suburbanite What's In a Name? Road Worrier
Still Life Bored Stiff L!FE Telesaurus Rex Vox Pop You Lie
One's a Pound O'Thyme Reason For Living #2 Antique Antics Strange World Suspect Device
Antithisis of Something Call of the Mall Trial & Error Beta-Boy A Euphonious Nocturne
Go Insomnia Ke-rang!

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